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Protect your eyes from wind, spray, and glare when you are sailing

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When you are sailing, your eyes are exposed to the elements for prolonged periods and it is essential to protect them from wind, spray, and glare.

Unfortunately, most sunglasses do not really keep out strong winds, even if they have wraparound lenses, and your eyes still get buffeted, making them dry and sore, or making them stream with tears when it is cold.

Sailing sunglasses

Sunglasses with AirShield give you much better wind protection

In contrast to standard wraparound sunglasses, the 7eye AirShield range has well padded, removable gaskets (termed "eye cups") that insulate your eyes from being blasted by the wind. The AirShield rests gently around your eye sockets, closing off gaps where wind penetrates.

It is also more effective for keeping out the spray than other sunglasses.

When you wear 7eye AirShield sunglasses, you can enjoy a day's sailing without suffering from watery eyes or having sore, tired eyes by the end of the day.

In particular, 7eye AirShields are ideal if you wear contact lenses or are prone to suffering from dry eyes, because the eye cup significantly reduces the rate of evaporation of tears.

7eye AirShield sunglasses are light, and feel extremely comfortable and secure to wear. The AirShield is detachable, allowing more flexibility when it’s hot and you don't need the full protection.

Sunglasses with AirShield give you much better sun protection

If you are wearing sunglasses for sailing on a bright day, you will still suffer significantly from peripheral glare - from the overhead sun and from glare reflected off the water. The sensitive skin around your eyes will also probably get sunburned by the UV.

The padded eye cup on AirShield sunglasses keeps out nearly all of the peripheral glare and UV, making your eyes more comfortable and reducing problems of dry or watery eyes.

AirShield keeps out peripheral glare

The lenses in all 7eye AirShield sunglasses are designed to keep out 100% of UV light, so you can feel confident that your eyes are getting the very best protection.

Summary of key features of AirShield sunglasses

  • AirShield rests gently around the eye sockets to give maximum protection from the wind
  • Can be worn as normal wraparound sunglasses when you don't require the extra protection
  • Optical quality impact resistant anti-fog coated lenses
  • Lenses are rated to UV 400, providing 100% UV protection
  • AirShield keeps out much more of the peripheral glare than standard wraparound sunglasses
  • Range of lens colours designed to enhance your vision when sailing in different light conditions:
    • In variable conditions, choose either Polar Copper or 24:7 contrast lenses
    • In very bright conditions, Polar Grey are the best choice
  • Can be fitted with prescription lenses if required

  • Lightweight, close-fitting wraparound frames
  • Range of frame sizes and shapes to fit men and women

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