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Why do your eyes water when it is cold and windy?

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It is a common experience for eyes to start watering excessively in cold weather, especially if it is windy.

When the air is cold, it is also dryer, and the eyes respond by excessive tearing.

In some cases watery eyes are exacerbated by other irritations such as Meibomian gland dysfunction, blepharitis or conjunctivitis, or are caused by blocked tear ducts. If you suffer from watery eyes constantly even indoors, you should refer to your GP for advice.

person suffering from watery eyes

Streaming eyes is a problem frequently experienced throughout the colder months by cyclists, golfers, walkers, and anyone who loves being outdoors all year round.

How can I stop my eyes watering when I go outside?

To stop your eyes watering when you go outside, wear windproof glasses or sunglasses, such as those in the 7eye AirShield range.

This unique product has a comfortable, protective eye cup that compresses around your eye sockets, insulating your eyes from irritation by gusts of wind.

7eye AirShield glasses

AirShield eye cup protects eyes from the wind

One of our customers described wearing these glasses as feeling "like a big hug" and went on to say:

"Now I can go outside in the wind and enjoy walking again without my eyes suffering. Thank you."

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