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Don't put up with streaming eyes on your next skiing trip

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Ski sunglasses may offer a less cumbersome, stylish alternative to skiing in full face goggles, but they don't offer much protection from the wind.

If you are skiing in sunglasses when it is cold, your eyes may stream excessively with tears. After a day on the slopes, your eyes often feel dry, irritated and sore through the cumulative effect of wind blast. 

Eye problems like this can be particularly troublesome if you have sensitive eyes, suffer from a dry eye condition, or wear contact lenses. If your eyes flare up, it can easily ruin your enjoyment of a skiing holiday.

7eye AirShield glasses are a versatile hybrid of sunglasses and low profile goggles. The main point of difference compared with ski eyewear is the comfortable, padded eye cup or "AirShield".

The AirShield rests gently around your eye sockets, protecting your eyes from being buffeted by head and side winds. The most suitable AirShield models for skiing are the Panhead and the Cape because they provide relatively good visibility. (We strongly recommend that you test that the visibility is suitable for your needs before putting the glasses to use).

Effective wind protection with AirShield eye cup

The AirShield has a unique patented design with small, cleverly positioned vents that reduce lens fogging, while still keeping out the worst of the wind blast.

It is easy to unclip the AirShield when you don't need the added protection, and you can then use the sunglasses just like conventional eyewear.

skiier wearing 7eye AirShield sunglasses

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