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Protection from the sun's glare

Many of our customers have found that the protective AirShield eye cup on 7eye glasses improves protection from the sun's glare compared to normal wraparound sunglasses.

This can be very beneficial if you suffer from light sensitivity (photophobia) because the AirShield blocks the glare from that you may normally experience around the edges of the frame on your sunglasses.

blocking the sun's glare
7eye AirShield glasses block out glare more effectively
7eye Cape with cat 4 lenses

Extra dark lenses for protection from the sun's glare

Eyewear Accessories can supply the 7eye Ventus, Cape, and Panhead - the most popular models of AirShield glasses - with extra dark lenses for use outdoors to reduce the sun's glare.

You can choose any of the following lens options:

SharpView Polarised Grey

  • Light transmission: 12%, Polarised
  • Category 3
  • A dark grey, neutral tint with the added benefit of a polarising filter that reduces the sun's glare, especially at low angles and when reflected from shiny or light surfaces

SharpView Extra Dark Grey

Category 4 lenses Extra Dark Grey

  • Light transmission: 7%, Non-polarised
  • Category 4
  • 100% UV protection
  • A very dark, neutral grey tint suitable for people with photophobia
  • Requires you to sign a waiver to confirm that you will not use these lenses for driving

Photochromic DarkShift

DarkShift lenses

  • Light reactive lenses that change from 78% Clear in low light to very dark Grey in full sun
  • Light transmission in full sun is 9% (in temperatures below 5° C it darkens to 4%)
  • Non-polarised
  • 100% UV protection
  • Higher ABBE value for better peripheral vision
  • Suitable for people with light sensitivity (photophobia)

    Which 7eye glasses have lenses for light sensitivity

    7eye Ventus

    7eye Cape

    7eye Panhead