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Protection from the sun's glare

Many of our customers have found that the protective AirShield eye cup on the 7eye range and the gasket on many of our Body Specs products improves protection from the sun's glare compared to normal wraparound sunglasses.
This can be very beneficial if you suffer from light sensitivity (photophobia) because the AirShield blocks the glare from the sun that you may normally experience around the edges of the frame on your sunglasses.
The following pictures illustrate how the AirShield eye cup fits around your eye sockets, helping to block out the wind, dust, pollen, and glare.

7eye AirShield eye cup

blocking the sun's glare

Body Specs gasket

Body Specs is an alternative range of wraparound sunglasses with removable gaskets that help to protect your eyes from wind, dust, pollen, and glare.

body specs gasket