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Ocular Rosacea symptoms can be relieved by wearing moisture chamber glasses

Ocular Rosacea can cause red, itchy eyes and swollen eyelids. Your eyes may look bloodshot and burn or sting. 

ocular rosacea symptoms

With Ocular Rosacea you can often feel like you have a grain of sand in your eyes. You may also suffer regularly from styes.

Cold winds can make your eyes water excessively, making your vision blurred. Ocular Rosacea sufferers are easily bothered by light.

How can moisture chamber glasses help?

By wearing moisture chamber glasses, you create a humid atmosphere around your eyes which helps to reduce tear evaporation and makes your eyes feel less painful and dry.

Dry eye symptoms can be quickly relieved, provided that you are wearing glasses that have an eye cup that fits you well.

moisture chamber glasses

Not only does the eye cup keep your eyes moisturised, but it also acts as an effective barrier against dust and pollen and keep out peripheral glare. Illustrated is the Marina Merlot from Ziena Eyewear.

Twinned with extra dark grey lenses 7eye AirShield sunglasses can provide much higher levels of protection than normal sunglasses can as well as the moisture chamber effect.

7eye AirShield sunglasses block peripheral glare