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How well do 7eye and Ziena glasses keep pollen out of your eyes?

If you are considering whether to purchase 7eye or Ziena hay fever sunglasses, you will be interested to read what our customers have said about their effectiveness for blocking pollen and relieving itchy eyes.

7eye Briza sunglasses keep out the wind, dust, and pollen

Here are some examples of the feedback we have received.

"This pair of Ziena glasses has given me tremendous relief from the discomforts I used to experience in my eyes from hay fever and dryness. Thank you for your excellent service."

"Delighted with my new Kai glasses. I tried a Verona a few years back but they were too big for my face and I didn't get the moisture chamber effect. I'm so pleased that a smaller Ziena frame is now available. I was amazed at how rapidly my eyes felt better after putting it on. It's windy here today, bright sunshine and high pollen count. I would say within 5 minutes of putting on the Kai, my eyes felt calmer and pleasantly moisturised and I had no trace of itchy eyes despite the weather. I know other people have said that moisture chamber glasses have transformed their life. I understand now what they mean. My eyes haven't felt as comfortable as this for many years. Thanks Eyewear Accessories for all your advice and support throughout my purchase. I wish there were more companies offering as good a service as you!"

" I bought 7eye Viento sunglasses for my son's hay fever and they have been really effective at stopping his eyes from feeling very itchy, puffy, and streaming when the pollen count is high. They are the only thing that has really worked to give his relief during the hay fever season. He finds that his eyes feel better very soon after putting them on. I would recommend these glasses to any parent whose child suffers with their eyes during the hay fever season."

"I am extremely pleased with my 7eye sunglasses. They have changed my quality of life and meant that I can again enjoy long walks in extremely windy weather as well as warm sunny days with a high pollen count. I can thoroughly recommend them to anyone looking for eye protection and have just purchased a spare pair for myself, as I would be lost without them."

“I had been struggling with 'dry eye' and blepharitis for many months, to the extent that I was no longer able to leave home due to the extreme sensitivity of my eye condition, which was triggered by wind and hay fever. The 7eye Cape glasses have truly transformed my life! I am back at work, and I am able to be out when it's windy or wet or if the pollen count is high. My eyes are completely protected and I need worry no longer that they will react and become sore."

"Tried out the 7eye Ventus glasses today in a Yorkshire gale. What a fantastic product. No tears, no pollen. Brilliant. I will be recommending them to my golfing colleagues."

“I bought these glasses for my wife and she is extremely pleased with their function against wind, pollen, etc, which had made visits to the outdoors most unpleasant until now. Many thanks to you for a fine product along with great service!”