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Latest product news! Check out SRX-14 moisture chamber sunglasses

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We have just introduced a new model of moisture chamber sunglasses - the Norville SRX-14.

 srx-14 in blue

Norville is the UK's longest established spectacle lens manufacturer (since 1898) and nowadays it's also gained a high reputation for supplying a range of innovative eyewear to the optical sector.

Why we're excited about the SRX-14

The SRX-14 is a significant addition to our range of glasses for dry eye sufferers because:

  • it offers an alternative choice in the small to medium size bracket to the 7eye Ventus and Briza
  • the wraparound lenses give much better peripheral vision than the 7eye glasses in the same size bracket, making it suitable for cycling and driving
  • it has a sporty unisex look
  • the protective face seal is more discreet than the 7eye AirShield, helping to improve both the peripheral vision and the appearance
  • it can be fitted with higher prescriptions than its 7eye AirShield equivalents (up to +/- 6.0 if the optical cups are fitted)
SRX-14 prescription sunglasses with wind protection

    woman wearing srx14

    side view of John wearing Norville srx-14

    close fitting gasket on srx14 keeps out wind, dust and pollen

    stylish wraparound sunglasses look good on this young woman

    Find out more about the SRX-14

    >> Norville SRX-14 product details

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