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Are moisture chamber glasses effective?

Moisture chamber spectacles have been proven in three research studies to be an effective and safe way of relieving the symptoms of dry eye syndrome.

Their effectiveness is backed up by feedback from wearers.

Research studies

Study on how well 7eye glasses relieve dry eye symptoms

In a study of 110 patients with complaints of dry eye symptoms, including dry eye sufferers, long term contact lens wearers and post-LASIK patients, the effectiveness of wearing 7eye glasses for relieving dry eye symptoms was tested.


The following statistics were determined by patient self-ratings:

  • Reported dry eye symptoms decreased by more than half (57% on average)
  • 30% of patients reported complete elimination of overall symptoms
  • 95% reported improved comfort when driving with 7eye glasses
  • 99% reported a decrease in their overall dry eye symptoms


This information is a brief summary of the study carried out by Drs.Lindstrom and Weberling. For more information see Ophthalmology Management Journal, 2004

Study on how 7eye glasses alleviate post-LASIK dry eye symptoms

A separate study conducted by the Cornea Research Foundation of America found that wearing 7eye glasses alleviated the dry eye symptoms of post-LASIK patients.

Study on effect of wearing moisture chamber spectacles on tear functions in dry eye disease

In this short-term study, 30 subjects with dry eye were recruited and randomly divided into two groups. Fifteen subjects were instructed to wear the appropriately sized moisture chamber spectacles for a total of 90 minutes.

Another 15 subjects (control group) received a drop of sterile non preserved 0.9% sodium chloride solution immediately after baseline measurement.

Ocular comfort, tear meniscus height (TMH), noninvasive tear film break-up time (NIBUT), tear film lipid layer, and conjunctival hyperemia were evaluated in both groups at 15-min intervals for a period of 90 minutes.


There were significant improvements in ocular comfort, TMH, NIBUT, and lipid layer in the moisture chamber spectacles group compared with those in the control group (p < 0.05).

After wearing moisture chamber spectacles, values of ocular comfort, TMH, NIBUT, and lipid layer continuously increased across time and reached the maximum at 60 min and then slowly decreased but still remained higher (p < 0.05) than baseline values. No significant differences were observed in conjunctival hyperemia in either group or between groups across time (p > 0.05).


Wearing moisture chamber spectacles provided improvement in ocular comfort and tear film stability. Moisture chamber spectacles seem to be a safe and promising alternative treatment for dry eye, especially for patients who work in adverse environmental conditions.


This research project was carried out by Shen, Guanglin; Qi, Qiaoran; Ma, Xiaoping and the results were published in the journal of American Optometry, February 2016

Direct feedback from our own customers

The above findings are reinforced by positive feedback on our glasses received over 12 years from people who have tried them.

There is plenty of ancedotal evidence from hundreds of our customers and similar numbers writing in dry eye forums across the world that wearing moisture chamber glasses can be one of the most effective forms of relief that they have found.

Many customers have written to us saying how life changing these glasses have been, in terms of dry eye relief, or protecting their eyes from wind, dust, or pollen.

A number of them have informed us that wearing dry eye glasses has meant that they have been able to reduce their reliance on eye drops or avoid them altogether. Many people have been delighted to find a form of relief that does not have side effects or the risk of medical complications, and which is affordable.

Not all dry eye sufferers will find benefit from the glasses - success depends on finding a style of glasses that fits your face well, thus providing an effective moisturising effect. However, if you are a dry eye sufferer you may well feel that it is worth trying them to see if they help you!

We have selected four testimonials from the many we have received about the effectiveness of our glasses:

"Following three consecutive years of cancer treatment, including two stem cell transplants, I have been left with severely dry eyes.

I ordered Ziena Kai glasses as well as Eyeseals night goggles and they have both greatly improved my quality of life.

I can now open my eyes for a lot longer and with the limited vision I have, perform basic tasks and enjoy being outdoors again. My eyedrops also last a lot longer! Below is a picture taken of me wearing my Ziena glasses."

Read more in our Dry Eye blog (Charlotte's story) ...

"As a dry eye sufferer I would like to tell others I highly recommend these specialist glasses and the extremely helpful expertise of the owner in making my choice. I have two pairs of the 7eye Cape model -- clear and polarized -- and the unique moisture gaskets have made a significant difference to the comfort of my eyes enabling me to enjoy being outdoors without the usual adverse effects."

“Following an operation for Glaucoma, I was experiencing considerable pain in my eye when out walking on windy days or in air conditioned rooms. However the 7eye glasses that I purchased from Eyewear Accessories have totally resolved the problem.”

“Following diagnosis of Dry Eye Syndrome, I spoke to numerous opticians trying unsuccessfully to find some glasses that would help my condition. Luckily I found Eyewear Accessories. John and his team offered me an excellent, professional and caring service. He supplied me with two pairs of glasses that have greatly improved my eyes.”

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