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Blephasteam is a safe and effective therapy that uses gentle heat and moisture to unblock your Meibomian glands, improving your tear quality and lessening your dry eye symptoms.
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Key features

  • Recommended by eye care specialists to relieve symptoms of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) and associated diseases such as:
    • posterior blepharitis
    • meibomitis
    • ocular rosacea
    • chalazion
    • contact lens intolerance
    • dry eye syndrome
  • Comfortable and convenient - two therapy sessions a day for 10-minutes each
  • Complately natural therapy for eyelids and ocular surface disease - no preservatives or phosphates
  • Enables clear vision during the session with no mist - so you can wear it while reading a book, watching TV, or using your computer, mobile or tablet

    How does it work?

    Blephasteam consists of a set of goggles containing moisturised rings. Turn it on to warm up for 15 minutes and once it has reached its set temperature, insert the moist rings and wear the goggles for a 10 minute therapy session. The unit beeps when the session is finished.
    You will feel a comfortable warming sensation while at the same time the water in the moisturised rings slowly evaporates to create a humid environment within the goggles.
    This dual heat and moisture action unblocks your meibomian glands, improves your tear quality which then reduces evaporation of your tears. As a result, your symptoms are relieved and your ocular health, vision and comfort improve.

    What is the science behind it?

    Located in your eyelids are the Meibomian glands which secrete the tear film lipid layer that controls the rate at which your tears evaporate.

    Meibomian glands can easily become blocked, leading to a breakdown in the quality of the lipid layer, a condition called Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). This causes increased tear evaporation and is responsible for symptoms of eye irritation, inflammation and the appearance of ocular surface diseases.

    It has been observed for a long time by ophthalmologists that a daily application of heat and humidity on the eyelids has a beneficial effect on various Meibomian Gland Dysfunction conditions. The Blephasteam device is the first to deliver this therapy simply, safely, and effectively. Its design is based on the original scientific studies of Dr JR Fuller, a leading ophthalmologist.

    Blephasteam was developed in conformity with the CE mark by Laboratoires Théa, a leading ophthalmological company specialising in lid care and designed in collaboration with eye care specialists.


    • Blephasteam is distinguished from more basic home therapies such as the MGD eye bag, because it delivers a consistent, set heat optimised for eye therapy, and at the same time provides the soothing effect of high humidity.
    • Quality of blink preserved - so meibomian oil can be released on closure and tear can be re-surfaced on blinking.
    • Efficient on tear film stability and ocular health.
    • Scientifically proven by an independent body to improve tear quality, decrease tear evaporation and improve vision.

    What is included with each order

      The Blephasteam device is supplied with 100 replacement rings. Each ring can only be used once and must be replaced for each session so the initial supply will last for 50 uses. Also supplied is a zip case for storage.

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      When will Blephasteams be available to order?


      We have just been informed that due to delays in the manufacturing process, Blephasteams will not be available to purchase as soon as had been predicted. We have not, as yet, been given a firm delivery date.

      We will be fulfilling orders for Blephasteams in the order they come in. If you are intending to purchase one, you may wish to email us to request that we put you on our waiting list.

        Returns and refunds

        Please note that once you have purchased a Blephasteam, you can inspect it and return if you change your mind, but once the device has been used, we are unable to refund your purchase unless there is a fault with the product. See full returns and refunds policy.

        These cancellation and refund rights are stipulated in the Consumer Contracts Regulations. Blephasteam is classified as medical equipment and comes in a box with a seal for health protection. For this category of products, you no longer have a right to cancel if the seal has been broken.

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