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Which type of moisture chamber glasses should I buy?

Here are our recommendations on how to select the best type of glasses and goggles for your needs.

Ziena Eyewear

Ziena Eyewear are similar to normal optical frames, but with the addition of an opaque silicone eye cup.

Ziena Marina

The silicone eye cup is soft and gentle against the skin and is less noticeable than the AirShield when wearing the glasses with clear lenses.

Ziena glasses can be worn indoors or outdoors.

They may be your best choice if you are looking for glasses that you can wear all the time.

These glasses are popular for people who need to relieve dry eyes in an office, for example when using a computer.

Ziena Verona

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7eye AirShield

7eye AirShield glasses or sunglasses are a good choice if your requirement is to protect your eyes from the wind, dust, or pollen when outdoors.

7eye Ventus with AirShield

They have close-fitting wraparound frames fitted with a comfortable, insulated eye cup that shields sensitive eyes from wind, dust, and pollen and creates a separate moisture chamber around each eye.

moisture chamber gasket

When worn with a tinted lens, the AirShield eye cup is well concealed, making these glasses look similar to normal wraparound sunglasses. When worn with a clear lens, the eye cup is noticeable and the appearance is more goggle-like.

moisture chamber glasses

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Norville SRX-14

The Norville SRX-14 offers an interesting alternative to 7eye AirShield glasses. Its advantages include better peripheral vision and the ability to be fitted with higher prescription lenses.

srx-14 sunglasses

With unisex, sporty styling, the SRX-14 can be the best choice for cyclists, golfers, sailors, players of ball sports and car drivers because the protective gasket is slimmer and more discreet.

protective gasket on srx14

This feature plus the well wrapped lenses means that the SRX offers better peripheral vision than the equivalent AirShield glasses.

close fit and protective gasket ensures that SRX-14 are effective at retaining eye moisture

close fitting sports sunglasses

Another feature of the SRX-14 that will interest dry eye sufferers is that it can take prescription lenses to a higher value than the 7eye equivalents. There are two options for prescription glazing depending on how high your prescription is.

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How do I select glasses that will best fit me?

The effectiveness of moisture chamber glasses for relieving dry eyes depends on how well the glasses fit your face. They are not intended to create an airtight seal like swimming goggles, but the moisturising effect is maximised if the eye cup fits closely around your eye sockets.

We suggest that you start with the Size Guide which lists all the glasses in order of increasing frame width. You can click through from the Size Guide to a full description of each frame, including its measurements.

Also look at our comparisons between different glasses in each range:

As the glasses in our range vary in shape and fit, this is why it is well worth ordering several models for comparison.

Need help choosing which glasses would be best for you?

We are happy to give you guidance on the choice of glasses, either by email or by phone. See our contact page for details of how to get in touch.

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