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Love cycling but hate the wind?

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If, like me, you enjoy cycling every day, then you will know how strong, blustery winds can significantly reduce your enjoyment of being outdoors. 

The wind either makes your eyes dry and sore, or irritated if dust gets into them, or the wind makes your eyes water constantly.

Bike shops do not sell not truly windproof glasses

The cycle clothing that you can buy from specialist bike stores has advanced significantly in the past decade, meaning that you can protect your body comfortably and effectively from the elements.

However, the big gap in bike stores is the availability of truly windproof eyewear. Most of the standard "sports fashion" brands sold in stores are only partially effective at keeping out the wind and dust while you are cycling.

You needn't put up with sore, irritated or watery eyes

Equip yourself with a 7eye AirShield Cape, Notus, or Panhead from Eyewear Accessories and you will really notice the difference in your cycling comfort when it's windy this Autumn and Winter.

7eye glasses insulate your eyes and the sensitive area around your eye sockets from the wind and dust, and you will notice that your eyes feel much more comfortable because they are not getting blasted by turbulence and side winds.

AirShield gasket

They are like wraparound cycle glasses or goggles but with one important difference - a soft gasket (called an eye cup) that rests gently around your eye sockets and acts to close off the gaps where wind and dust can penetrate.

Eyewear Accessories sells the glasses with a wide choice of lenses, including clear, light-reactive and polarised options, or if you need prescription lenses fitted we have a tried and tested route for this that is customer friendly and low cost, yet excellent quality.

wearing windproof cycle glasses

We offer prompt despatch and delivery, helpful customer service and no quibble returns.

Most popular models chosen by our customers for cycling

These glasses are ordered by increasing size (fit):

All the above models provide good wind protection from the wraparound shape and protective gasket while at the same time not compromising peripheral vision.

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