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Our dry eye blog — best cycle glasses for wind

Should I buy Ziena or 7eye AirShield glasses?

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Not sure whether Ziena or 7eye glasses would best meet your needs? This quick guide may give you the answers.

If you need further information to help you decide, refer to our comprehensive Buyer's Guide to dry eye and windproof glasses.

Reasons to choose Ziena glasses

  • Best option if you require a single pair of glasses to provide both indoor and outdoor protection
  • Provides excellent dry eye relief
  • Gives most presentable image at work or in social situations as eye cup is less visible
  • Excellent for dust and pollen protection
  • ...

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Love cycling but hate the wind?

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If, like me, you enjoy cycling every day, then you will know how strong, blustery winds can significantly reduce your enjoyment of being outdoors. 

The wind either makes your eyes dry and sore, or irritated if dust gets into them, or the wind makes your eyes water constantly.

Bike shops do not sell not truly windproof glasses

The cycle clothing that you can buy from specialist bike stores has advanced significantly in the past decade, meaning that you can protect your body comfortably and effectively from the elements.

However, the big gap in bike stores is the availability of truly windproof eyewear....

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