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Our dry eye blog — 14 day trial of moisture chamber glasses

Should I buy Ziena or 7eye AirShield glasses?

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Not sure whether Ziena or 7eye glasses would best meet your needs? This quick guide may give you the answers.

If you need further information to help you decide, refer to our comprehensive Buyer's Guide to dry eye and windproof glasses.

Reasons to choose Ziena glasses

  • Best option if you require a single pair of glasses to provide both indoor and outdoor protection
  • Provides excellent dry eye relief
  • Gives most presentable image at work or in social situations as eye cup is less visible
  • Excellent for dust and pollen protection
  • ...

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Suffering from dry eye pain? Wearing our glasses could improve your quality of life

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If you suffer from dry eyes, you will know how it really affects the quality of your life and your mental health.

dry eyes affects your mental health

Living with painful, gritty, uncomfortable eyes wears you down, leaving you depressed and anxious. The discomfort is always there, whittling away at your sense of freedom and happiness and making it difficult to focus on everyday life issues.

I know what it's like living with dry eyes. Been there, done it, got the T-shirt. That's why I am in a unique position to understand the role...

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