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Our dry eye blog — windproof cycle glasses

Latest product news! Check out SRX-14 moisture chamber sunglasses

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We have just introduced a new model of moisture chamber sunglasses - the Norville SRX-14.

 srx-14 in blue

Norville is the UK's longest established spectacle lens manufacturer (since 1898) and nowadays it's also gained a high reputation for supplying a range of innovative eyewear to the optical sector.

Why we're excited about the SRX-14

The SRX-14 is a significant addition to our range of glasses for dry eye sufferers because:

  • it offers an alternative choice in the small to medium size bracket to the 7eye Ventus and Briza
  • the wraparound lenses give much better peripheral vision than the 7eye...

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Love cycling but hate the wind?

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If, like me, you enjoy cycling every day, then you will know how strong, blustery winds can significantly reduce your enjoyment of being outdoors. 

The wind either makes your eyes dry and sore, or irritated if dust gets into them, or the wind makes your eyes water constantly.

Bike shops do not sell not truly windproof glasses

The cycle clothing that you can buy from specialist bike stores has advanced significantly in the past decade, meaning that you can protect your body comfortably and effectively from the elements.

However, the big gap in bike stores is the availability of truly windproof eyewear....

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