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Don't let air conditioning ruin your life! Wear moisture chamber glasses

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Air conditioning is helpful in cooling down a warm space but unfortunately this is at the cost of making the atmosphere much dryer. This increases your tear evaporation which has a severe drying effect on your eyes.

An hour in an air-conditioned environment can make your eyes really sore

If you are prone to dry eyes, even an hour in an air-conditioned environment can make your eyes really sore.

lady with dry eyes

It can have the same effect if you wear contact lenses, Your eyes dry out when the aircon is on so that the lenses are no longer properly lubricated and this causes soreness or even more serious conditions associated with corneal dryness.

We all encounter air conditioning on a daily basis

Unfortunately we all encounter air conditioning on a daily basis, in offices, cars and other vehicles, public transport, air travel, supermarkets and other large retail stores, and hotels. 

If your job requires you to be in an air conditioned environment, or if you know you have to travel a lot in air conditioned spaces, you can make your life more comfortable if you get a pair of dry eye glasses (also called moisture chamber glasses).

Moisture chamber glasses help to keep your eyes hydrated

Eyewear Accessories Ltd are the leading specialists in Europe in moisture chamber glasses.These glasses have a removable gasket that is fitted behind the frame and this rests comfortably around your eye sockets, keeping moisture in and keeping drying influences out.

By wearing these glasses whenever you are in a dry environment, your eyes remain more hydrated so you will suffer less from dry eye symptoms during the day and the evening when you get home.

Here is a quote from one of our customers whose life has been transformed by wearing our moisture chamber glasses:

"I was about to lose my job as I work in an air conditioned environment and it was proving to be impossible to manage, until I discovered 7eye Cape moisture chamber glasses. They have truly transformed my life! I am back at work, and I am able to be out when it's windy or wet or if the pollen count is high. My eyes are completely protected and I need worry no longer that they will react and become sore."

Our recommendations

We recommend the Ziena Eyewear range of glasses for wearing in the office and on public transport, including airplanes.

Ziena glasses

We recommend the 7eye AirShield - and in particular the Cape and Panhead if you have a requirement to drive, because they offer greater peripheral vision than the Ziena range.

7eye AirShield

If you want to discuss your requirements with us, we are happy to help. Please email us at or call us on 07999 023 152. You will receive an answerphone message, but we will call you back the same day.

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