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Save 10% when you order 3 items from our 24-hour dry eye relief toolkit

Anyone who experiences dry eyes, MGD or Blepharitis 24-hours a day, like me, needs a range of tools to help them manage their symptoms at home or when travelling.

Kai moisture chamber sunglasses

We have brought together a unique range of the most highly rated tools for home dry eye management to create a 24-hour dry eye relief toolkit.

Our 24-hour dry eye relief toolkit includes any 3 items from this list

Save 10% on each product in the toolkit

When you place an order that includes 3 or more of the above dry eye relief products, you will save 10% on the cost of each product. This represents a considerable overall saving on your purchase.

Use the code 24HR-DRYEYE-TOOLKIT when checking out to claim the discount.

    Note from John @ Eyewear Accessories

    We are not claiming that our 24-hour toolkit will cure your dry eye problem but it will improve your ability to manage the symptoms day to day and this should improve your quality of life.

    Always get a diagnosis and ongoing advice on treating your eye problems from a qualified ophthalmologist.

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