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How to measure your face to determine which size of glasses you need

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When selecting glasses for dry eye relief or protection from the wind, dust, pollen, or glare, it is important to find the model(s) that will provide the best fit.

We are often asked whether there are any particular face or head measurements that can help in the selection of glasses.

Eyewear Accessories are trialling a new service to help guide you to the glasses that are likely to fit you the best by asking you to take two face measurements. We also ask if possible that you tell us the situations when you propose to use the glasses.

This service is entirely optional. You may be equally happy to choose glasses by using self service tools such as our 7eye AirShield overview and Ziena Eyewear overview, and looking at the frame measurements given on each product page of our website.

Measuring your forehead width

Measure the width across your forehead as accurately as possible as shown in the photo.

Don't bend the tape measure around your forehead. It is the straight line width that is required for accurate sizing.

how to measure forehead width

Measuring your eyebrow to cheekbone height

Measure your eyebrow to cheekbone height in millimetres as shown in the photo.

How  to measure eyebrow to cheekbone height

Note: if you want to view or print an enlarged version of these photos, click here:

> view and/or print PDF

Now email the measurements to us

Send an email with your face dimensions to

Also tell us in your email:

  • Your full name and contact telephone number
  • Do you prefer Ziena or 7eye AirShield glasses or do you need both?
  • Do you need prescription lenses?
    • if so please state your SPH and CYL from your optical prescription
  • When you will be wearing the glasses, eg:
    • at home when using computer
    • in the office
    • travelling on a bus, train or plane
    • walking, cycling, motorcycling, sailing, fishing, playing golf, driving
  • Why you need the glasses, eg:
    • dry eye
    • blepharitis
    • watery eyes outdoors
    • photophobia
    • hay fever
    • dust allergy

Wait for us to email you our suggestions

We will email you our suggested choices of glasses, normally within 2-3 hours (weekdays only between 10 am and 4 pm).

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