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Order your clip on sunglasses now before it's too late!

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Eyewear Accessories has been selling premium quality clip on sunglasses for over 15 years.

But that is about to end in mid-summer when we will stop selling ALL clip on sunglasses. We will not be placing any new orders from our suppliers so it's advisable to get your clip-ons now while current stocks last.

Over the past 15 years, we've built up a loyal customer base who keep returning to us whenever they change the shape and size of their glasses.

Here is some feedback from customers about our products and service.

We are sorry that we won't be able to help our valued clip-on customers after midsummer 2024 but we hope that this article reaches as many of you as possible so you can get the best choice early and avoid disappointment.

Buying from us is your guarantee of quality

Why buy a cheap product from another store only to find that the glare protection is ineffective because of poor polarisation? Why be tempted to save on clip-ons only to find that they fall apart and need to be replaced?

Buying our products is a guarantee of quality. That's why people come back to us.

Brands that we sell 

Our Visionaries spring bridge clip on sunglasses are the top of our range. They look the most like prescription lenses when fitted to your glasses.

Our Shade Control polarised flip up sunglasses have the same optical quality lenses as Visionaries. This means that the effectivenss of the polarised lenses far surpasses clip on lenses available elsewhere.

Flip up sunglasses are the most popular line that we sell, especially for drivers. The ability to flip up the lenses when you go through a shaded area makes them the safest type of sun protection available.

We also sell a range of non-polarised lenses for pilots and other people who rely on digital screens.

Need more help to choose?

If you have any queries about which size and lens colour you need, drop us a line to


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