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How to solve the problem of low angle glare from the sun while driving

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It's good to see the sun, but it can cause serious problems for safe, comfortable driving, especially when it is at a low angle in winter.

All drivers will have encountered the problem of temporary road blindness when they suddenly get blitzed by the sun, particularly in the last hour of driving before dusk. You can find that your vision of the road is suddenly cut off because of the glare, and that can and does lead to accidents.

The danger is particularly great during spells of changeable weather, when the road surface is wet and reflects glare from the sun...

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Visionaries clip on sunglasses or prescription sunglasses - which is the better buy?

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Recently I had to buy a new pair of varifocals because my prescription had changed. Even though I bought cheap frames, the cost still came to just under £250, which was a bit of a shock.

I have been wearing spring-fit polarised clip-ons for the last 10 years whenever I needed sun protection and I've been pretty pleased with them.

Visionaries rimless clip on sunglasses

However, this time I thought I'd look into the possibility of getting a second pair of prescription glasses with tinted lenses. After doing some research on the benefits of each option, I soon realised that it...

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Why our polarised clip on sunglasses are the best for cutting out glare

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Polarised clip on sunglasses from Eyewear Accessories are a really effective way to cut down glare.

Our quality polarised clip on sunglasses meet or exceed all international standards of optical clarity, durability, and safety. Our lenses are designed to ensure that the polarised horizontal axis is never compromised for maximum visual comfort.

polarised lens

Not all polarised lenses are the same

What many people don't realise is that when a product is advertised as having polarised lenses, it may not cut glare particularly well if it is low cost product.

When looking for polarised clip on sunglasses, you should therefore avoid products...

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Which clip on sunglasses are best for driving?

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At Eyewear Accessories we often get asked for advice on which clip on sunglasses are best for driving. Here we explain the factors you should consider in deciding which type of clip ons to buy.

Are clip on sunglasses better than prescription sunglasses for driving?

First it's worth addressing the question of whether prescription sunglasses or clip on sunglasses are better for driving.

While prescription sunglasses are a nice to have item, they can represent a formidable cost if you wear varifocal lenses and wish to have your sunglasses polarised.

Aside of the cost issue, prescription sunglasses are a far...

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What's the difference between Polaroid and Polarised?

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When looking for sunglasses, some people confuse the term polarised with the brand name "Polaroid".

The Polaroid brand

Polaroid is a multi-national corporation, owned by global eyewear distributor Stylemark, that was co-founded in 1937 by Edwin Land, who invented the first inexpensive filters capable of polarising light.

The first major application for this technology was in the manufacture of polarised sunglasses, where it was found to reduce significantly the sun's glare compared with standard lenses. Polarised sunglasses were soon being made by other leading eyewear brands such as Ray Ban.

Polarised clip on sunglasses

Today, quality polarised clip on sunglasses...

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