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Stop the itch! Get prepared for the hay fever season by getting pollen blocking glasses now

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The spring like weather is already hiking up the tree pollen count and now is the time to act if you suffer from itchy eyes due to hay fever.

birch trees are a common source of tree pollen

All the signs are there for high levels of grass pollen this year, after the ample rain we have experienced during the last couple of months has given the plants a boost.

grass pollen

If you suffer from itchy eyes when the pollen count is high, you will know how uncomfortable and distracting it can be, especially if you suffer from any condition such as dry eye disease that makes your eyes even more sensitive to irritation and discomfort.

sore eyes due to allergic reaction to pollen 

Stop the itch with our hayfever glasses

Eyewear Accessories sells a unique range of glasses and sunglasses which have an excellent track record for giving effective relief to dry eye and hay fever sufferers.

7eye AirShield eye cup

The special feature of our eyewear is the protective eye cup, a soft barrier that rests gently around your eye sockets and stops pollen and dust from entering your eyes.

ziena eye cup

Also blocks wind and glare - great for dry eye sufferers

Our 7eye and Ziena glasses are not just beneficial for hay fever sufferers. The protective eye cup keeps out the wind and stops your tear moisture from evaporating so these glasses can be a great help to dry eye sufferers. The eye cup also blocks peripheral sun and, especially when combined with our extra dark grey lenses, this adds up to a lot less glare - perfect for sensitive eyes.

We stock the two world-leading brands

We have two ranges of eyewear both providing truly effective hay fever protection: 7eye AirShield and Ziena Eyewear.

These are regarded as the leading worldwide brands for this type of specialised eyewear with protective gaskets.

We offer different styles and sizes in each range - we can accommodate older children through to to adult fittings.

Ziena Kai glasses for hay fever

Find out more about our hay fever glasses

There is plenty of guidance on our site to help you choose which model of glasses will be most suitable for your needs.

Here are some useful links to get you started:

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