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Our dry eye blog — hayfever sunglasses for children

Stop the itch! Get prepared for the hay fever season by getting pollen blocking glasses now

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The spring like weather is already hiking up the tree pollen count and now is the time to act if you suffer from itchy eyes due to hay fever.

birch trees are a common source of tree pollen

All the signs are there for high levels of grass pollen this year, after the ample rain we have experienced during the last couple of months has given the plants a boost.

grass pollen

If you suffer from itchy eyes when the pollen count is high, you will know how uncomfortable and distracting it can be, especially if...

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Spotlight on the 7eye Chubasco

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The 7eye Chubasco is the smallest model in the 7eye AirShield range of wraparound sunglasses with a protective eye cup to stop wind, dust, and pollen.

Chubasco tortoiseshell

It may be small, but it packs quite a punch!

The Chubasco is designed specifically for people with small or narrow faces. In fact it is normally the best fitting model in the 7eye AirShield series for people who find that most sunglasses are too wide for their face.

The style of the Chubasco is neutral so it's equally wearable for men and women.

John wearing his Chubasco...</p>

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