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How to easily adjust the fitting of our glasses in under two minutes

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The latest models of Ziena and 7eye AirShield glasses incorporate adjustable ear rests. This makes it much easier to achieve the perfect fit in which the eye cups gently rest around your eye sockets with no big gaps.

A well fitting eye cup on the Ziena Kai

If the glasses feel a little loose, slide down your nose, or if there are big gaps where the eye cup does not touch your eye sockets, read on and we'll show you how to adjust the ear rests within minutes.

A closer fit means more protection from the elements and more relief for dry eyes

To get maximum benefit from any of our glasses, the protective eye cups need to be in contact with your skin all around your eye sockets - no gaps along your eyebrow line, along your cheek bones or at your temples.

You want to eliminate gaps if possible, yet maintain a comfortable fit where the eye cups rest gently on your skin. None of the glasses should be pressed tightly to the face like swimming goggles. That would not only be uncomfortable after a short time but also the lenses would quickly mist up.

How to adjust the ear rests

The part of the ear rests that you can bend is the matte black section. You don't need to use any tools or heat to bend the ear rests but we do recommend that you only move them a small amount at a time, and don't keep adjusting them.

Here's how the ear rests look before they are adjusted

Bendable ear rests before they are adjusted

And here's how you can shape the hook to bring the fit closer:

Bendable ear rests after adjustment

Don't bend the arm rests unless you intend to keep the glasses!

If you may return the glasses, they must be in "as new" condition to qualify for a full refund.

However, you can easily test whether adjusting the arms will achieve the improved fit you are looking for.

Simply put on the glasses and push gently the front of the frame to bring the cups in closer contact with your face.

If, by applying gentle pressure the eye cups now rest against your skin all the way round, it is worth going to the next step of adjusting the ear rests. 

Which 7eye AirShield glasses have bendable ear rests

You can bend the ear rests on:

  • Ventus
  • Panhead
  • Notus
  • Derby

Which Ziena glasses have bendable ear rests

You can bend the ear rests on:

  • Kai
  • Marina
  • Verona (most models)
  • Nereus (most models)
  • Seacrest (most models)

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