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How wearing Ziena Kai glasses is helping my dry eye condition

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"Hello, my name is Claudiu and I'm from Romania.

After struggling for more than one year with dry eyes complications: like blepharitis, chalazion… I was fortunate to find relief and solution in two things:

  • I have finally discovered an eye doctor who understood and is treating my condition
  • I have acquired from a pair of Ziena Kai Gloss Black which I’m wearing daily while working on PC, driving, shopping, walking, etc.

They feel like regular glasses, easy to wear and the lateral field of view “obstruction” caused by the eye cups goes away after wearing them the first time for couple of hours.

Claudiu wearing his Ziena Kai glasses

Now I feel “strange” when I’m wearing my old glasses without eye cups.
The glasses are very efficient against windy environments (outdoor, AC etc) and provide physical and psychological comfort.

Before finding my current eye doctor and before wearing Ziena Kai glasses I was using eye drops 15-20 times per day and now only 3-5 times…. I can finally say that I’m back in business!”

Ziena Kai glasses from the front

Written by Claudiu and published by Eyewear Accessories Ltd.

No copying of this article or the photos in it is permitted.

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