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Do you suffer from itchy, streaming eyes when cycling in the hay fever season?

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If you are a keen cyclist, you will know that your eyes can be particularly prone to pollen. A large amount of pollen is blown into your eyes as you cycle, and it is at its worst in the early morning and late afternoon.

You don't have to suffer any more in the hay fever season with itchy, sore or streaming eyes if you wear 7eye AirShield glasses or sunglasses when you are cycling.

7eye AirShield glasses keep out the pollen while you are cycling

Which are the best hay fever glasses for cycling?

The best in the 7eye AirShield range for cycling are:

7eye AirShield sunglasses for women

For effective protection, you must select 7eye glasses that fit you well

To keep out the pollen (and dust and wind) you must wear 7eye glasses that fit you well all around your eye sockets.

How to choose

We recommend that you read the following links to help you choose two models from the 7eye AirShield range:

You can then try both pairs on to see which offers the best seal from pollen, and return the one that is the less good fit. We offer free return postage if you do this.

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