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Enjoying the sunny weather but hating the Dry Eyes?

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As a dry eye sufferer myself, I know that the summer months can be uncomfortable, especially when the weather is hot, sunny, and the air is dry.

hot weather causes a problem for dry eye sufferers

Whatever you are doing outside, whether sitting in the sun, walking, cycling, or gardening, the constant feeling of dry, sore, gritty eyes can get you down.

dry eye patient

And when you are inside, travelling in your car, train, or aeroplane, or inside the office, theatre, or supermarket, you are blasted by air conditioning that also dries your eyes out.

Relieve dry eye symptoms by wearing moisture chamber glasses

Wearing moisture chamber glasses is surprisingly effective for reducing dry eye symptoms and keeping your eyes comfortably moisturised throughout the summer.

woman wearing moisture chamber glasses

Proven to reduce evaporative dry eye

There is plenty of evidence, both from research studies and anecdotal patient feedback that wearing moisture chamber glasses can be one of the most effective ways to manage and give relief to dry eyes.

Although they are not seen as a cure, moisture chamber glasses have been shown to be more effective than applying eye drops for reducing the rate of evaporative dry eye (in other words dry eye caused by the evaporation of tears as occurs on hot, sunny days).

Proven to reduce frequency of artificial tear application

It has been proven that wearing moisture chamber glasses can reduce by nearly 50% the number of times per day that dry eye patients need to apply artificial tears.

Find out more about the research and patient feedback

The statistics from research studies proving the effectiveness of moisture chamber glasses for relieving dry eye symptoms are impressive.

How to choose the right moisture chamber glasses for you

For 10 years, Eyewear Accessories have been the leading European specialists in provision of moisture chamber glasses to dry eye patients.

We have a wide range of glasses, including ones suitable for indoor or outdoor use, for women and men, and for an age range from 8 to 80 years.

dry eye sunglasses

There is plenty of information on our website that can help you select the most suitable kind of moisture chamber glasses to suit your needs.

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