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Can using eye drops make dry eyes worse?

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Eye drops and gels are the mainstream of everyday treatments for dry eyes. They are recommended routinely by most high street opticians, chemists and many eye specialists.

Can using eye drops have a rebound effect?

However, there is also an ongoing debate as to whether overusing eye drops can reduce the natural ability of our eyes to produce effective tears. So could using them worsen dry eye conditions due to increased dependency?

putting eye gel drops in

It is important to stress that it is difficult to get an unbiased view of this issue.

We would encourage anyone with severe dry eyes to share their own experience of using dry eye drops regularly by commenting on this blog post.

The stated view of some eye experts, particularly in the US, is that when you use eye drops regularly, the ability of your eyes to produce good quality tears is reduced. It's called a rebound effect.

My own experience from using eye drops regularly

My own experience does point to a rebound effect happening. For many years I have worn moisture chamber glasses and this has been very effective at keeping my dry eye condition at a comfortable level without any use of eye drops.

I had been wearing my Ziena Kai every day, especially when using my computer or watching TV.

However, over the past 2 years I have had an eye condition that causes my optical prescription to keep changing. I couldn't afford to keep replacing my expensive varifocal lenses.

As a temporary solution until I got new prescription lenses, I had to turn to eye drops to keep my dry eye symptoms at bay. I started to use Carbomer gel 4 - 6 times a day, as prescribed by my doctor.

severe dry eye symptoms whilst using a computer

I have found Carbomer gel to be quite effective for relieving dry eyes temporarily.

However, the process of applying the drops is inconvenient, especially when I am at work or out visiting friends.

For the first minute or so, my eyes are blurred and over full of moisture. I have to wait until it settles down before I can drive or go for a walk. Also I found that the eye drop fluid gets deposited on the back of my lenses each time that I blink.

And worst of all, the gel drops only gave my eyes temporary relief - after half an hour, they were sore again.

My dry eye condition was getting worse

After using eye gel drops 4 to 6 times a day for about a month, I started to notice that my dry eye condition was getting worse. I was experiencing severe dry eye symptoms more often during the day and as a result I was having to apply drops more often.

So I decided to go ahead with some new lenses for my Kai and since I have started wearing the glasses again, I have not looked back!

I am wearing them now as I type this article and am finding that I can comfortably use my computer for much longer periods. I have stopped using eye gel drops completely and my eyes have felt healthier.

Wearing dry eye glasses when using a PC

As you will read from our extensive customer feedback, many people have also commented that wearing moisture chamber glasses is the one thing that has helped them the most in managing their dry eye condition and relieving the symptoms.

If you suffer from dry eyes, we would encourage you to try them.

As one medical website puts it - eye drops were never meant to be a long term remedy for dry eyes and should only be used on a temporary basis. Would you agree with this view? Please let us know.

Ask us for advice

We are here to answer any question you may have about how using moisture chamber glasses and goggles can be used for dry eye relief.

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