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Don't let dry eye syndrome rule your life! It doesn't have to...

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To an outsider, dry eye syndrome may be invisible, yet for sufferers like me it is a debilitating condition that can all too easily dictate how you spend your life.

common symptoms of dry eye syndrome

If you have dry eye syndrome, you may have to make significant life choices to mitigate your symptoms.

Examples of these include:

  • quitting your job because the work environment is too uncomfortable (for example an air conditioned office, warehouse, supermarket, commercial kitchen)
  • no longer travelling abroad by plane (due to the air conditioning)
  • stopping driving because your eyes have become too light sensitive
  • giving up a cherished sport such as cycling or golf because of watery eyes
  • significantly curtailing your use of a PC or mobile

These are just examples of the different ways in which dry eye sufferers who have asked for our help have had their lives dictated by their condition.

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Fortunately, Eyewear Accessories have tools that can help you manage dry eye syndrome and relieve the associated symptoms. They include:

  • moisture chamber glasses that you can wear during the daytime outdoors, at home, at work, on holiday, or during travel to keep your eyes moisturised
  • sleep goggles that stop you from suffering dry eyes when you are resting
  • Blephasteam treatment that you can use at home to refresh your eyes and improve your tear quality by unclog blocked meibomian glands

cycling with dry eye goggles

dry eye glasses for train travel

Our products have changed lives. They can't cure dry eye syndrome, but they can reduce the severity of its symptoms to the point where the condition no longer rules your life and you can carry on life as normal.



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