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Find out how our glasses are literally transforming lives

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Over 16,000 people are now benefiting every day from wearing our dry eye glasses. They are helping our customers relieve and manage a wide range of eye conditions, ranging from  dry eye syndrome to extreme light sensitivity.

We are delighted by the stream of hugely positive comments that we receive from customers who have bought glasses from us.

Here are the latest comments to share with you, one about 7eye AirShield glasses and the other about Ziena glasses

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Latest feedback on our 7eye AirShield glasses

"Thank you for all your help in choosing my glasses (7eye Panhead).

I’m astounded at the difference. I have worn them at home in the evening when the wood stove is on and I’m totally fine – no dryness, no redness and no irritation at all. I now wear them whenever I can as they just feel so comfortable and make a such a difference.

We went away last weekend and did a lot of driving over 2 days and the same result! I had the car heater on (to my partner’s delight!) and I came home with warm toes, clear, bright and healthy eyes.

7eye AirShield sunglasses

Best of all, I was having to take regular ibuprofen to manage the swelling (the dry eyes were triggering episcleritis) and discomfort, and since I put them on last Friday I haven’t had to take a single tablet.

Come summer time I’ll be ordering a pair with tint for the car and will be considering a pair with my prescription in after my next eye test.

Thank you so much for your help, excellent service and for selling such a great product, it’s transformative."

Latest customer feedback on Ziena glasses

"Thank you for your excellent service and advice over the phone. It was so helpful to be able to speak with someone who knew their stock so well and had experience of the difficulties faced for people with dry eyes."

Ziena Kai glasses

"I have Sjögrens which has resulted in blepharitis, MGD and difficulty in thinking straight due to constant eye discomfort. I have had innumerable drops including Ciclosporin and Pilocarpine and endless punctual plugs."

"I am so grateful for my Ziena Kai glasses with moisture chambers. These glasses are the only thing that has made any real difference in the last 30 years."

"So I am really thrilled."

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