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How to transform your Ziena glasses instantly into computer glasses

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Viewing a digital screen for a protracted period of time, especially in an office with harsh overhead lighting, brings eye strain, headaches, and can trigger dry eye symptoms. These symptoms are referred to collectively as "computer vision syndrome".

eye strain from overuse of PC screen

Why wear anti-glare blue light filter lenses?

Wearing anti-glare blue light filter lenses makes your viewing of digital screens much more comfortable and reduces eye strain and dry eye.

These special lenses cut out the harsh blue light from the screen and replace it with a soft, pale yellow view. They also help to shield your eyes from the glare of overhead strip lighting such as is found in offices, sports halls, and supermarkets.

viewing a white page through blue light filter lenses

 John wearing blue light filter lenses over Ziena Kai glasses

Attaches to Ziena glasses

The exciting news for dry eye sufferers is that these blue light filter lenses can clip easily on to Ziena KaiZiena Marina, and Ziena Verona glasses without affecting the fit of the moisture chamber eye cup, to transform them instantly and cheaply into computer glasses.

This means that you can now choose when to have a blue light filter, such as only when you are in the office, and when to revert to plain clear lenses.

Blue light filter lenses attached to Ziena Kai glasses

So, for example, you may prefer to wear Ziena glasses with clear or light-reactive lenses for use when you are away from the computer, but clip on blue light filter clip on lenses when you are looking at your PC, tablet, mobile, or TV screen.

This is where flip up lenses are so versatile

Whenever you are having a short break from the screen, you can instantly take away the blue light filter by flipping the lenses up.

blue light filter lenses flipped up

If you have prescription lenses in your Ziena glasses, that's no problem. Our blue light filter lenses clip easily over your lenses, which will be protected from scratching by the pads on the clip on hooks.

You can also wear these special flip up lenses over most shapes and styles of standard spectacles as well as over your Ziena glasses.

Also good for blocking headlight glare

Blue light filter lenses are also very good for night driving. They help to reduce the glare from oncoming headlights, softening the harsh, intense blue light that comes from the latest, brightest LED headlights.

A must have accessory

Buy a set of clip on flip up blue light filter lenses today for only £28.99 plus postage. We think you'll agree with us that they are a "must have" accessory.

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