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Keep your face warmer this winter with 7eye AirShield

7eye AirShield 7eye Cape wind protection glasses winter eye protection

The first real cold snap this winter has taken us rather by surprise. It's time to dust off the winter clothing before venturing outdoors.

Our eye area is particularly exposed to the winter elements

One of the parts of our body that is particularly sensitive to the cold is the eye area. Our eyes and the sensitive skin around them are not protected by standard winter clothing. This is the one area that is left totally exposed to the elements.

Physical effects of getting chilled around the eyes

The physical effects of getting cold in the eye area can include excessive watering of your eyes or dry, sore eyes that feel as though they have been blasted by the cold wind.

These effects are particularly noticeable if you go cycling because of the head wind, or if you are outdoors in an exposed spot, for example if you are a farmer or building contractor.

Fortunately there is a solution...

Wear 7eye AirShield glasses and your eyes and eye area will feel insulated from the cold and the wind and most of the physical effects of the cold will go away.

Alison wearing her 7eye Cape glasses on a wintry day

Close up of wind protection gasket

The thick, soft AirShield gasket around the back of the rims rests gently on the skin around your eyes and when you are wearing AirShield glasses your entire eye area feels warmer and protected.

Rear view of 7eye AirShield showing the insulating eye cup

Something for everyone

Eyewear Accessories sells a range of AirShield glasses suitable for men and women and even for teenage kids and above. We have a choice of lenses from clear ones to light-reactive ones.

We also have extra dark grey lenses that are excellent at protecting light-sensitive eyes from bright sunshine.

Nearly all of our range can accommodate prescription lenses if required.

Find out more

Find out more about 7eye AirShield glasses and use the guidance on our website on how to pick the best size and shape for your face.

You may like to watch our videos :

Or drop an email to us at describing your requirements and we will do our best to help you.

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