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Flip up sunglasses are best for driving in constantly changing light conditions

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Driving in constantly changing light conditions is tiring at best, and at worst can be a definite safety hazard. How do you optimise your view of the road, when the skies change rapidly from clear and bright to overcast, and when short, intense cloudbursts cause temporary road blindness?

If you wear glasses to drive, the best way to cope with this variable light is to wear polarised flip up sunglasses.

When the sun is intense, you can quickly and safely flip the tinted clip on lenses down. The polarising filter in the lenses also significantly reduces the dazzling effect of strong glare from reflected water lying on the road after a rain shower, which can otherwise cause temporary "road blindness".

When the sun goes in and light levels drop, you can simply flip up the lenses to see the road clearly without the filtering effect of the lenses.

And if the sun is at a low angle, you can flip the lenses half way up to act as a sun shield.

Polarised flip up sunglasses really are second to none for driving safely in variable light conditions. Their flexibility makes them a much better (and cheaper!) option than fixed tint prescription sunglasses.

Eyewear Accessories have a wide range of optical quality flip up sunglasses for driving, with a choice of four different polarised tints for use at different times of the year.

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