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How can I tell whether the moisture chamber glasses I have bought fit me properly?

checking whether moisture chamber glasses fit me how to check the fit of my windproof glasses

The effectiveness of our protective glasses and sunglasses depends on how well they fit you.

How should the eye cup fit?

If the eye cup creates a good seal all the way around your eye sockets, the glasses will provide an effective barrier against wind, dust, and pollen.

A good fitting eye cup stops eyes watering outdoors in cold winds, and will create the "moisture chamber" effect that is necessary to give you relief for dry eye symptoms.silicone eye cup on Ziena Verona glasses

The eye cup is not intended to fit tightly like a swimming goggle. It should be resting comfortably on your face, in contact with your front temples, along your eyebrow line and against your cheekbones.

The ideal fit for effective dry eye relief or wind protection is when the glasses are occasionally starting to mist up slightly in the corners of the lenses.

Helping you make an informed choice of which product to buy

We aim to give you as much help as you need when choosing which glasses to try. This includes our Buyers' Guide and also the option to call or email John to discuss your requirements.

We recommend buying two or three pairs of our glasses so that you maximise the chance of finding the ideal fit. You can use our free returns offer if you buy more than one frame, keep one and return the others.

We will refund you promptly the cost of any returned products, provided that they are in good, saleable condition.

You've just received your order, now how do you tell if it fits properly?

So you've just received your glasses and you want to try them on to see if they work for you. Here are the questions to ask yourself that determine whether they are the right choice for you.

Put the glasses on

  • Do they feel comfortable to wear?
    • If so, they are probably a good fit
  • Does the eye cup pinch anywhere?
    • If so, the glasses are too close fitting. See if you can adjust them to ease the fit or request an exchange to a wider product
  • Are there gaps where the eye cup does not touch your skin, for example at the sides, or along the eyebrow line?
    • If so, you need a smaller, more close fitting model
  • Does the frame feel big on you?
    • If so, you need a smaller, more close fitting model
  • Do the glasses tend to slide down your nose?
    • If so, you need a smaller, more close fitting model
  • Do the lenses mist up excessively when you are wearing the glasses?

Go outdoors with the glasses on

  • Do your eyes and eye sockets feel insulated?
  • If you stand out in the wind, does the eye cup provide an effective barrier?
    • If yes, they are probably a good fit
    • If no, they are not a good fit for you and you should consider exchanging them for a different model
  • Do the lenses mist up too readily?
    • If so, the glasses are too close fitting. See if you can adjust them to ease the fit
    • If that doesn't solve the problem, please click this link for advice on reducing lens misting

Go for a walk or a bike ride

  • Do the glasses protect you from headwinds and side winds?
  • Do your eyes stop watering?
  • Do your eyes feel more comfortable and less raw after a period outdoors?
If yes to all three questions, the glasses are a good fit. If no, you are welcome to contact us to arrange an exchange with a different sized product.

    Test the glasses indoors

    If you bought the glasses for indoor use, try wearing them for a couple of hours in the situation in which you need relief, for example in the office in front of your computer.

    • Do your eyes feel more comfortable, less dry and sore after you have been wearing the glasses for a while?
      • If yes, then the glasses are a good fit.
      • If no, you are welcome to contact us to arrange an exchange with a different sized product.

    You're welcome to exchange the glasses if they don't fit properly

    We are confident that there is a frame in our range of dry eye glasses that will fit you and provide the protection and relief that you need.

    Most of the time you will get it right first time, but if not, if you find the glasses don't fit well enough to be effective, you are welcome to exchange them.

    Examples of well-fitting Ziena glasses

    These photos show examples of well-fitting Ziena glasses, to help you assess whether the fit of the glasses that you have bought is good. It can help to ask a friend to check the fitting for you.

    This example of me wearing my Ziena Kai glasses shows how the silicone eye cup touches my skin at the top and sides (without pinching). This means the Kai is a good fit for me and it creates an effective moisture chamber.

    the silicone eyecup on these glasses provides a good moisture chamber effect

    Here's Alison wearing her Ziena Verona glasses. It illustrates that the eye cup touches her skin closely at the temples, providing a good fit.

    Ziena Verona from the side showing fitting of eye cup

    Examples of well-fitting 7eye AirShield sunglasses

    Below is an example of a woman wearing her 7eye Viento sunglasses that shows how the eye cup rests gently around her eye sockets, creating an effective barrier from wind, dust and pollen.

    This Viento fits well at the eyebrow line

    These 7eye Cape glasses fit all the way around John's eye sockets. He wears them for cycling, walking and gardening to keep the wind out, and in summer to stop his eyes itching in the hay fever season.

    The 7eye AirShield fits well on these glasses

    Alison wears her 7eye Cape sunglasses for hiking and cycling to stop her eyes watering when it's windy and cold.

    These 7eye Cape sunglasses fit this woman well

    Brendon wears his 7eye Cape to stop his eyes watering when he is out on the golf course in cold, windy weather.

    This golfer is wearing 7eye Cape sunglasses to prevent getting watery eyes

    John is wearing his Ventus, illustrating the close fit at the sides and bottom of  the glasses.

    Side view of John wearing 7eye Ventus glasses showing the good seal of the eye cup

    Need more help?

    You are welcome to email us to discuss the fitting of your glasses. It can help if you enclose photos that illustrate the fitting issue. Alternatively you can contact us by phone on 07999 023 152.

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