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Ziena glasses with BlueByrd lenses - are these the ultimate computer glasses?

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Is all blue light harmful?

No, a certain amount of natural blue light is essential for our health and well being. Exposure to blue light from the sun plays a key role in regulating our mood, alertness, and circadian rhythms.

Blue light emitted from electronic devices

Eye specialists are increasingly concerned about the additional amount of blue light that we are exposing our eyes to from electronic devices.

Computer screens, tablets, sat navs and mobile phones all emit high energy, short wavelength blue light that can cause eye strain and may lead to eye problems over time.

If you work in an office and use a computer for much of your working day, you will be exposing your eyes to an undesirable level of harmful blue light - not just from your PC screen, but also from fluorescent office lighting.

light spectrum analysis showing wavelengths of harmful and beneficial blue light

Our eyes are not good at filtering the short wavelength, high energy blue light emitted by these devices. Over exposure to it may cause digital eye strain in the short term and increased risk of macular degeneration later in life.

It is particularly important to get protection from harmful blue light exposure if you have had cataract surgery.

Not all blue blocker lenses are created equal

There are many brands of glasses available online that are called "computer glasses" because they filter out a certain spectrum of blue light. However, their effectiveness varies considerably as does their colour - many are yellow, red, or orange, which really distorts the colours and may be difficult to adjust to.

In tests, Ziena BlueByrd lenses outperform leading brands of blue blocker lenses, including Ziess and Essilor lenses.

BlueByrd lenses key features

  • Effective blue light filter
  • 100% UVA and UVB Protection
  • Anti-reflective coating (reduces glare from devices and other lights)
  • Anti-fog treatment
  • Superior clarity
  • Less yellow than other lenses that have similar blue light blocking effectiveness.

BlueByrd blue light blocker lenses key features

What makes Ziena glasses with BlueByrd lenses so good for computer use?

Ziena with BlueByrd lenses are the only computer glasses that keep your eyes moisturised while at the same time protecting them from harmful blue light while you are using your computer, tablet, or mobile.

These are good reasons for regarding Ziena glasses as the ultimate computer glasses currently available. 

silicone eye cup on Ziena Verona

The benefits of wearing Ziena glasses when you are working at a computer can include greater productivity, improved mood, comfort, and eye health.

John wearing his Ziena Kai glasses for computer use

Should I buy my Ziena glasses with BlueByrd or Clear lenses?

Blue Byrd lenses are recommended if you:

  • Work in an office with fluorescent overhead lighting
  • Spend at least 4 hours continually in front of a computer, or using other electronic devices such as a tablet, or mobile.
  • Suffer from dry eyes and eye strain while using your computer
  • Spend time extensively late in the evening in online gaming or intensive use of your smartphone

Blue blocking lenses are not recommended for constant use throughout the day because we all need a certain amount of natural blue daylight exposure from the sun.

For optimum eye protection and comfort, you should buy two pairs of Ziena glasses, one with Clear lenses and the other with BlueByrd ones. Then you can reserve the use of the BlueByrd version for wearing to improve your screen time.

If however, you're opting for a single pair of Ziena glasses to wear both for general use and screen time, Clear lenses may be your better choice.

How to order your Ziena glasses with BlueByrd lenses

Eyewear Accessories is the first company to launch BlueByrd lenses in the UK. Currently there is limited stock available, so early ordering is advisable.

Visit the Ziena Eyewear collection and click on your chosen model of glasses. When you see the product page for your selected glasses, select "BlueByrd blue light blocking lenses" from the drop down menu.

If you require prescription blue blocker lenses, please email us for further information.

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