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Ziena glasses with BlueByrd lenses - are these the ultimate computer glasses?

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Ziena glasses with BlueByrd lenses are the only computer glasses that keep your eyes moisturised while at the same time cutting the harsh glare from the screens of digital devices including PCs, tablets and mobiles.

silicone eye cup on Ziena Verona

The benefits of wearing Ziena glasses when you are working at a computer can include greater productivity, improved mood, comfort, and eye health.

John wearing his Ziena Kai glasses for computer use

Will I benefit by wearing Ziena glasses?

Ziena glasses with Blue Byrd lenses can provide more comfortable vision if you:

  • Work in an office with fluorescent overhead lighting
  • Spend many hours in the day continuously in front of a computer, or using other electronic devices such as a tablet, or mobile.
  • Suffer from dry eyes and eye strain while using your computer
  • Spend time extensively late in the evening in online gaming or intensive use of your smartphone

If you require prescription blue blocker lenses, please email us for further information.

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