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Choosing the best sunglasses for wind protection

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Eyewear Accessories Ltd offers a unique range of wraparound sunglasses and goggles with a choice of 3 alternative levels of wind protection depending on your requirements throughout the year.

This article explains how to choose the right level of protection for your needs.

Level 1 wind protection

We have selected close fitting wraparound sunglasses that have lenses that curve right around the temples, providing a higher level of wind protection than average sports glasses, while also maximising peripheral vision. This makes them an ideal choice for sports such as road cycling where you require enhanced protection from wind and dust, without reducing your vision of the road.

Level 1 wind protection sunglasses are ideal for use on windy days in spring, summer, or autumn when the wind is not too cold.

wraparound sports glasses offering wind protection

Best selling products providing level 1 wind protection

Level 2 wind protection

Eyewear in this category have a slim line gasket that blocks much of the air gaps left by conventional wraparound sunglasses without compromising peripheral vision too much.

These are products that provide an intermediate level of protection suitable for activities such as cycling, walking, golf, and horse riding on moderately windy days, but are not intended for sports such as sailing, skiing, or motorcycling where a high degree of windage is experienced or for optimum protection from cold winds in winter.

level 2 wind protection sunglasses

Best selling products providing level 2 wind protection

Level 3 protection

At this level, eyewear has substantial protective gaskets and/or very close fitting frames that achieve optimum protection from wind, dust, and pollen.

They are recommended for people who suffer from watery eyes in cold, windy weather, and for anyone whose eyes are particularly sensitive to dust or pollen.

7eye AirShield sunglasses

Best selling products providing level 3 wind protection

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