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Choosing sunglasses for wind protection

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Eyewear Accessories Ltd sells wraparound sunglasses and goggles that can help to protect your eyes from the wind.

We advise buying a couple of different styles or brands for comparison to see which one works best for you with a view to returning the one you don't need.

Body Specs sunglasses

Body Specs sunglasses have lenses that curve around the temples, protecting you from the wind. The slimline gasket is well concealed behind the frames, making it less obvious than the eye cup on the 7eye AirShield range (see below) while also giving you optimum peripheral vision.

Body Specs wraparound sports glasses

Note: most Body Specs sunglasses have a slim protective gasket to aid wind protection. The exception is the Body Specs wraparound sports glasses illustrated here which are highly wrapped but do not have a gasket.


wraparound sports glasses offering wind protection

Body Specs Z-001 sunglasses

Below is illustrated one of the best selling models in the Body Specs range - the Z-001 - which has a removable protective gasket.


level 2 wind protection sunglasses

7eye AirShield sunglasses

7eye AirShield sunglasses

The 7eye AirShield range are a hybrid between sunglasses and goggles, with a thick, removable gasket. Illustrated here is the 7eye Cape.

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