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Choosing sunglasses for wind protection

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Eyewear Accessories Ltd sells wraparound sunglasses and goggles that are designed to maximise protection for your eyes from the wind.

The key feature that differentiates them from normal wraparound sunglasses is the gasket that closes off most of the air gap around your eye sockets.

We specialise in two of the leading brands of eyewear with gaskets for wind protection - 7eye AirShield and Body Specs.

7eye AirShield sunglasses

7eye Panhead

The 7eye AirShield range is our premium brand and are best described as a hybrid between sunglasses and goggles, with a thick, removable gasket. Generally this brand provides the highest level of wind protection.


Body Specs sunglasses

Body Specs have a slimmer gasket than the 7eye AirShield range and generally give slightly lower levels of wind protection.

However, Body Specs eyewear come with a package of features at a competitive price and, depending on your proposed use for the glasses, this can make them the preferred option.



For example, the slimline gasket can be a distinct advantage for applications such as cycling and driving because Body Specs provide optimum peripheral vision.

Body Specs gasket

Also Body Specs glasses come with interchangeable tinted and clear lenses (applies to most models) and some models have a facility to wear them with either a goggle strap or temple bars.

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