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Why buy from Eyewear Accessories?

We aim to make your purchase of protective glasses as convenient and enjoyable as possible. Here are some ways in which we achieve this.

A small, enthusiastic family company

As a small family business we are committed to provide outstanding service to our customers. Our service is often commented on favourably in customer feedback.

John, one of our directors, suffers from dry eyes and hay fever and uses the products we sell himself. He has an expert knowledge of how moisture chamber glasses can benefit customers and has played a significant role in raising awareness of the role they can play in eye care.

Giving you information and advice before you buy

We provide comprehensive information in our store which you can browse at your leisure so that you feel comfortable in selecting the best type of glasses for your needs.

We have 10 years' experience in helping customers find suitable protective glasses. You can benefit from our specialist knowledge if you need it, by emailing us or calling us to discuss your requirements (visit our contact page for details).

    Offering you a comprehensive range of protective glasses

    By visiting our online store, you can browse a comprehensive range of protective eyewear at your leisure from three leading brands - 7eye, Ziena and Body Specs.

    Enabling you to order whenever it suits you

    You don't have to spend time and money on visiting a shop to get your glasses. You can order through our online store at any time, night or day. If you prefer to place an order by phone, we are happy to do this. Please check our contact page for the operating times of our phone line.

      Enabling you to try out the glasses properly

      If you buy glasses at a high street retailer, you would have to make your purchase after only a short time of wearing them in the shop.

      In comparison, we give you the facility to try them out properly indoors in your home or office or outdoors for up to 14 days. You can road test them, if you like, to see whether they provide the eye protection you need.

      Once you place an order, you have up to 14 days from the day you receive it in which you can return the glasses for refund or exchange.

        Making it easier to try two models for comparison

        Buying two models of glasses enables you to try both on and compare them for comfort and effectiveness. If you decide to keep one and return the other, you are eligible for our free tracked return postage offer.

        Once you've tried on the glasses and decided to keep one of them, just send us an email explaining that you are returning one pair of glasses and keeping the other. We will email you a postage paid Tracked 48 label to attach to the box containing your returned item.

        Buying with the reassurance that we provide after sales support if you need it

        We provide a manufacturer's warranty for a year on frames. As the official UK distributors for 7eye and Ziena Eyewear, you can also be assured that we are able to provide an after sales service for spares such as replacement eye cups.

        What customers say about our service

        "The service given by John has always been 100% and his attention to detail was gratefully received throughout the purchase and post purchase as well."

        "We found John at Eyewear Accessories to be extremely helpful. He goes 'that extra mile' to make sure you get the glasses that will work the best for you. We're very pleased we found his website."