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Wraparound glasses and sunglasses with wind protection

Fed up with having your eyes being blasted by the wind when you're outdoors? 

You can protect your eyes effectively from wind blast by wearing 7eye AirShield glasses.

These are comfortable, close fitting wraparound glasses and sunglasses with removable insulated gaskets (called eye cups) designed to protect sensitive eyes from wind, dust, and pollen.

If you suffer from sensitive eyes, wearing 7eye AirShield glasses can transform your enjoyment of being outdoors in windy, exposed locations.

7eye AirShield

Applications include walking, cycling, horse riding, bird watching, sailing, golf, and occupations that require you to work outside. 

How 7eye AirShield glasses protect your eyes

The insulating eye cup or gasket fitted on 7eye AirShield glasses gently compresses around your eye sockets, helping to reduce gaps through which wind can penetrate.

7eye AirShield are recognised as the leading world wide brand of eyewear for wind protection.

AirShield glasses are not designed to keep out 100% of the wind (a small amount of air movement is necessary to keep the lenses from misting up).

However, they will significantly reduce the buffeting of air that you can experience around your eyes in windy conditions which can aggravate dry eye conditions or cause your eyes to water.

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Need advice to help you choose?

If you are uncertain which glasses to choose, we recommend viewing these pages:

You may find it helpful to buy two different models from the AirShield range so that you can try them at home and select the one which you find most comfortable and protective.

In other words, you can then identify which model is best shaped for your face shape to provide a close fit of the protective gasket around your eye sockets.

By ordering a couple of different models for easy comparison, you can then return any glasses that you do not require for a refund.

If you order two glasses together and then return one and keep one, you are eligible for our free returns offer.

Need help choosing which glasses would be best for you?

We are happy to give you guidance on the choice of glasses, either by email or by phone. See our contact page for details of how to get in touch.

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What customers say about our glasses

"I would like to let you know how delighted I am with my sunglasses that you recommended. I did not have any problems with my eyes on my sailing holiday in Greece and this made a huge impact on my enjoyment as in previous years I have been badly affected by the sun and wind. Thank you so much and I am very glad that I spoke to you and took your advice on which pair to buy as they definitely did the job."

“I played my first tear free round of golf in windy conditions. I've tried using my Oakleys before to prevent the wind affecting my eyes, but they didn't work. The 7eye sunglasses worked a treat. Very comfortable to wear and enabled clear vision. The day started out bright then ended up overcast so I really got to test them out today. I played one of my best rounds of recent weeks too. Thank you very much, these are a game changer for me.”

“My new 7eye glasses are fantastic. The East coast wind has been its usual brisk self and normally I would have blurred vision and sore eyes after the first hour. Day three and all is well.”

Wearing 7eye AirShield sunglasses on a windy day at Budleigh Salterton

“I returned two days ago after trekking in and out of the Grand Canyon. Extreme conditions, dry and windy, the 7eye glasses performed brilliantly. I also used them while fishing and again they worked well. Anyway, all in all a great concept. I am happy to recommend them to my 'dry eyed friends.”

"Wearing the 7eye glasses, my eyes were totally protected and not once did I have any tears or irritation from the wind. My vision was perfect and my enjoyment of golf was renewed by the comfort of the glasses. I certainly am very happy and thank you again for all the help and first class service you gave me.”