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Help to reduce dryness of eyes on long plane journeys

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Long flights can be very taxing on your eyes.

The air conditioned cabin leads to a very dry atmosphere and the combination of increased tear evaporation and insufficient sleep adds up to tired, dry and irritated eyes.  

These lightweight flexible goggles by Body Specs may be just what you need to protect your eyes during flights.


Each padded eye cup creates a barrier to protect your eyes from the drying elements and also helps to retain a moist environment around your eyes.

The Body Specs flexible goggles are recommended for dry eye sufferers, contact lens wearers, and anyone who suffers allergenic irritation from dust or pollen.



The goggles are supplied with interchangeable grey tinted, yellow, and clear lenses so they can be used indoors and outdoors, day or night.

They can be adjusted to fit most head sizes using the toggle.

These features make the goggles a useful and versatile item to have in your packing list. You will find that they can be useful in many destinations for protecting your eyes from wind and dust when out and about on holiday.

The goggles are available exclusively in the UK and Europe through Eyewear Accessories Ltd. Visit this page for more details:

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