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Getting dazzled by low angle sun when you're driving? Here's the answer

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I was prompted to write this post having just returned from a car journey when I experienced temporary road blindness due to the sun reflecting strongly from wet roads.

glare off roads when driving

I scrambled to put the car sun visor down but it always seemed to be in just the wrong place to protect my eyes.

If you wear glasses, there are two recommended options for safe driving in these conditions.

Polarised flip up sunglasses

Yes, flip up sunglasses are definitely the safest way to get protection from glare whilst driving.

polarised flip up sunglasses

You can quickly and easily flip the lenses down as soon as the glare is a problem and flip them up again when you enter a darker stretch of road.

The polarised lenses help to diffuse the low angle glare coming directly at you and the reflected glare from wet or icy roads.

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Polarised wraparound fitover sunglasses

If you are having problems with glare not only from the front but from the sides, we recommend getting a pair of polarised fitover sunglasses.


They are quick to put on over your glasses and can be quickly taken off if you go through a shaded patch of road.

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