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"People with facial paralysis should be more aware of this fantastic product"

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This comment was from one of our facial palsy customers who has, in recent weeks, started using our flexible goggles to help relieve his dry eyes. You can read his full review later in this post.

Body Specs flexible goggles

Who is recommending moisture chamber goggles for dry eyes?

Our moisture chamber glasses and goggles are being recommended by a growing number of specialists in facial paralysis for relieving dry eyes, for example Raman Malhotra in his Treatments for dry eyes.

They are also included in the Dry Eye Advice page on Facial Palsy UK's website and on our website you will find positive reviews by wearers of our glasses and goggles who are suffering from facial paralysis.

John wearing his flexible goggles

Flexible goggles can be particularly effective for facial palsy related dry eye

Our flexible goggles are proving to be the most effective of all our moisture chamber eyewear for facial palsy sufferers, because their shape moulds around the wearer's eye sockets. So if your face is not symmetrical, you can still get an effective fit around both eye sockets, which gives you the best moisture chamber effect.

What our customers say about flexible goggles

Here are just two reviews of the goggles by facial palsy sufferers that illustrate how life changing they can be:

"I have been able to reduce my eye drop frequency by more than 50%"

"Since I have to use eye-drops extremely frequently, it is quite a big practical problem for me to live an ordinary life by using eye-drops alone. And furthermore, according to my eye doctor (specialized in dry eye problems) such a frequent dropping is seriously threatening the microbiological balance / health on the surface of the eyes.

By using these goggles I have been able to reduce my eye-drop frequency with more than 50%!

I think it would be great if this information could make life easier for other people in my situation. Because it doesn´t seem to be a common knowledge even among the eye doctors I have been to."

"Absolutely a game changer for me"

"I am using the Body Specs goggles and it is absolutely a game changer for me. This product literally changed my life for good!

I was diagnosed with facial paralysis 2.5 years ago and I lost my ability to blink spontaneously and therefore I have chronic Lagophthalmos in one eye.

I use the Body Specs for that eye (i.e., removing lens from my healthy eye and keeping it on only for the non blinking eye).

This non blinking eye caused me so much pain because of excessive dryness and use of frequent drops.

Now I can use only 70% less drops than I used to and my eye feels comfortable. a huge relief while working in front of my screen's laptop. Pain is gone and I can focus again at my work!

People with facial paralysis should be more aware of this fantastic product.

Keep up the good work!"

Girl wearing flexible goggles with tinted lenses

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