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A new alternative for dry eye and hay fever sufferers other than Body Specs flexible goggles

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In the past, customers looking for affordable, flexible moisture chamber eyewear often chose Body Specs lightweight goggles.

We no longer stock Body Specs products but have replaced the flexible goggles with an alternative product which in many ways is more effective for hay fever and dry eye sufferers.

The new product is called Eyeseals 4.0 and it has quickly become our best selling product. Priced at only £43.50 plus delivery, Eyeseals are flexible goggles with a comfortable headband and a choice between clear or blackout lenses.

Where Eyeseals 4.0 improves on Body Specs flexible goggles is that:

  • its adjustable...

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"People with facial paralysis should be more aware of this fantastic product"

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This comment was from one of our facial palsy customers who has, in recent weeks, started using our flexible goggles to help relieve his dry eyes. You can read his full review later in this post.

Body Specs flexible goggles

Who is recommending moisture chamber goggles for dry eyes?

Our moisture chamber glasses and goggles are being recommended by a growing number of specialists in facial paralysis for relieving dry eyes, for example Raman Malhotra in his Treatments for dry eyes.

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