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How to stop glasses from fogging up when you're wearing a face mask

stop glasses fogging uo when wearing a mask stop glasses steaming up with mask stop lens fogging when wearing a face mask

Now that wearing a face mask is a feature of daily life, spare a thought for those of us who wear glasses.

Yes, spectacle-wearers will be finding that when their mask is on, the lenses are prone to fogging up.

Attach ear grips to the ends of your ear rests

Here's a suggestion for stopping your glasses from sliding down your nose and for keeping them in the optimum position when you are wearing a face mask: Attach a set of silicone ear grips to your ear rests.

Find out more by reading stop glasses from steaming up with a mask.

ear grips for glasses

Use an anti-fog cloth

The Body Doctor AB Mask Anti-Fog Cloth is simple and quick to use. Each application will provide 48 hours of anti-fog and protect your lenses from smearing and dust.

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