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Order early to avoid disappointment...

If you've been browsing our store this month you may have noticed that some products are out of stock. This has been due to a supply issue which is thankfully now resolved.

7eye and Ziena glasses

We now expect to receive our new stock of 7eye AirShield and Ziena Eyewear between 30 October and 8 November. 

This will make popular glasses such as the Ziena Kai and Marina available again. However, there is huge demand for these glasses. As we only have a few of each frame and lens colour coming, it pays to contact us now with your requirements so we can reserve glasses for you before the new stock arrives next week.

7eye's and Ziena's prices have gone up and at the moment we are facing large cost increases due to the fall in value of the pound against the dollar. We are trying to keep prices low for as long as possible - most of our prices are unchanged since 2019 - but it is likely that the longer you wait before ordering the more that you will end up paying for your glasses.

To avoid disappointment our advice is...

Email us (mail@eyewear-accessories) as soon as possible to pre-order the glasses you want.

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