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The train is a hot spot for dry eyes. It pays to be prepared.

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Travelling recently by train from Exeter to Reading, what struck me immediately was how over-heated it was inside the carriage.

As soon as I boarded the train, my dry eye symptoms started in earnest.

However, I was pleased to have brought with me my Ziena Kai moisture chamber glasses, especially as I spent most of the journey looking at my phone - an activity that is known to be one of the worst culprits for exacerbating dry eye symptoms.

Despite my somewhat screen-based journey experience, my eyes stayed symptom-free because of these special glasses.

John wearing his Ziena Kai glasses on the train

I feel for commuters having to put up with this on a daily basis

For many people with dry eye syndrome who haven't yet discovered Ziena glasses, travelling by train must be a miserable experience, especially if they are regular commuters. Train passengers have to contend with frequently overpowering heating or air conditioning depending on the season.

Travelling on London Underground is particularly bad for your eyes

The environment on the Tube is even worse for your eyes than that experienced on surface trains.

On the Tube, your eyes are subjected to onboard heating systems that always seem to be set on maximum in the winter months, air draughts associated with the movement of trains through the tunnels, and a level of particulate matter in the air that is eight times the level you experience when travelling by car.

All of this is too much for the dry eye sufferer to contend with - especially on the commute back from work when their eyes are tired and dry after working long hours in front of a PC in an an air-conditioned office.

Could you benefit from wearing Ziena glasses?

Find out on our website how wearing Ziena glasses could make your train travel both more comfortable and productive.

rear view of Ziena glasses showing moisture chamber eye cup

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