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Drive more safely and comfortably this Autumn and Winter

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Three of the main driving hazards in Autumn through to early Spring are:

  • Glare from the sun reflecting on wet roads
  • Low angle evening sun
  • Poor visibility due to spray on wet roads

Any of these conditions can cause momentary road blindness so they are extremely serious and cause many accidents each year.

Driving when there is strong glare from the sun

Nearly 3,000 accidents happen each year in the UK due to the sun's glare.

The setting sun during rush hour is to blame for about 36 deaths each year.

One of the most dangerous situations is when the sun's glare is reflected onto roads that are still wet after recent rain. This can cause a driver to experience severe road blindness.

danger from sun reflected on wet road

Wear our polarised clip ons when you are driving in these conditions and you will find that the problem of road blindness is virtually eradicated.

Our lenses have optical quality polarisation so that they block the maximum possible amount of sun glare, contributing to driver safety and comfort.

polarised flip up sunglasses

Flip up sunglasses are the safest form of clip ons when you are driving because you can flip up the lenses as soon as the sun goes in or you are driving in a shaded area.

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