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Wearing my Ziena glasses has converted me to an 'all weather' gardener

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I definitely used to be a fair weather gardener. Give me a pleasant bit of sunshine and no wind and I was quite happy tinkering in the garden for hours on end.

Trouble is that we live on an exposed ridge in the country and when the wind blows it's a bit like living in a lighthouse! If you have sensitive eyes like I do, gardening in windy weather is definitely out of the question.

Now things couldn't be different. I have been out there most of today, preparing a bed for vegetable planting. That's despite strong and blustery winds that have really been buffeting me while I worked.

In this video, I describe how wearing my Ziena Kai glasses when I'm out in the garden has enabled me to protect my eyes from the elements so that I now enjoy gardening whatever the weather.

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