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How wearing Ziena Kai glasses is helping my dry eye condition

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"Hello, my name is Claudiu and I'm from Romania.

After struggling for more than one year with dry eyes complications: like blepharitis, chalazion… I was fortunate to find relief and solution in two things:

  • I have finally discovered an eye doctor who understood and is treating my condition
  • I have acquired from a pair of Ziena Kai Gloss Black which I’m wearing daily while working on PC, driving, shopping, walking, etc.

They feel like regular glasses, easy to wear and the lateral field of view “obstruction” caused by the eye cups goes...

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Ziena Kai moisture chamber glasses have changed my life

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We have been delighted with the positive comments that keep on coming from people who have bought Ziena Kai moisture chamber glasses.

Ziena Kai glasses

Wearing these glasses has been literally life changing for many dry eye sufferers and we thought we would share with you some of the recent heartfelt emails that we have received.

Sent in by Sally

"I want to thank you so much for taking the time recently to discuss my problem and advise me on which glasses would be best for me.


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Don't let streaming eyes ruin your winter walks!

Eyewear Accessories Devon stop eyes streaming outdoors stop eyes watering outdoors wind protection glasses for walking windproof walking glasses Ziena Eyewear Ziena Kai

In December, we often get some glorious sunny days when it's great to get out for a winter walk.

Last Sunday (5 December) was a case in point and we chose to go for a hike on Dartmoor. The visibility was terrific and as a result, the Moor offered wonderful panoramas of bracken and heather, tors, and a picturesque network of small pasture fields.

Glorious view of Dartmoor

Do your eyes weep so much that you can't see the view?

So much beauty to take in but not if your eyes are streaming so badly in the cold...

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More praise for the Ziena Kai

dry eye glasses glasses for dry eyes Ziena dry eye glasses Ziena glasses Ziena Kai

Since the Ziena Kai was launched a couple of years ago, we have received many emails from customers saying how much it has helped to improve their dry eye condition.

 Ziena Kai glasses for dry eyes

We were delighted to receive the latest customer feedback which was emailed to us this morning and we would like to share it with you:

"I just wanted to email to say how delighted I am with my Ziena Kai glasses. The fit is superb and protects my dry eyes from the wind. The glasses stop my eyes drying out,...

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Wearing my Ziena glasses has been a life saver, enabling me to continue at work

dry eyes computer dry eyes computer glasses dry eyes computer use dry eyes computer ziena kai Eyewear Accessories Devon Eyewear Accessories Ltd ziena computer glassses ziena glasses Ziena Kai Ziena Kai glasses

Hello, this is a photo me, John Waddington, one of the directors at Eyewear Accessories, in my everyday work environment.

Like most business people, I need to spend a considerable amount of the day sitting in front of a computer screen.

wearing Ziena glasses for computer-related dry eyes

Unfortunately I suffer from dry eye syndrome which gets more acute when I am using the computer. I have noticed that I have a habit of staring fixatedly at the screen and hardly blinking at all so...

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