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How wearing Ziena Kai glasses is helping my dry eye condition

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"Hello, my name is Claudiu and I'm from Romania.

After struggling for more than one year with dry eyes complications: like blepharitis, chalazion… I was fortunate to find relief and solution in two things:

  • I have finally discovered an eye doctor who understood and is treating my condition
  • I have acquired from a pair of Ziena Kai Gloss Black which I’m wearing daily while working on PC, driving, shopping, walking, etc.

They feel like regular glasses, easy to wear and the lateral field of view “obstruction” caused by the eye cups goes...

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Wearing my Ziena glasses has converted me to an 'all weather' gardener

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I definitely used to be a fair weather gardener. Give me a pleasant bit of sunshine and no wind and I was quite happy tinkering in the garden for hours on end.

Trouble is that we live on an exposed ridge in the country and when the wind blows it's a bit like living in a lighthouse! If you have sensitive eyes like I do, gardening in windy weather is definitely out of the question.

Now things couldn't be different. I have been out there most of today, preparing a bed for vegetable planting. That's despite strong and blustery winds that have...

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Supporting the needs of dry eye sufferers across 57 nations worldwide

7eye uk 7eye worldwide distributors Body Specs uk Body Specs worldwide distributors Eyewear Accessories Ltd Visionaries uk Visionaries worldwide distributors Ziena glasses uk Ziena worldwide distributors

Since Eyewear Accessories was launched in 2009, we have expanded our network of delivery destinations substantially.

world map showing continents

Distributors of 4 world leading brands for 57 countries

Including the UK, we now support dry eye sufferers in 57 countries worldwide across 5 continents, acting as main distributors for 7eye, Ziena Eyewear, Body Specs, and Visionaries products.

We are well known internationally for raising the profile of moisture chamber glasses, and for highlighting the role that they can play in relieving symptoms of dry eye, blepharitis, and pollen allergy.

moisture chamber glasses

We use...

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Suffering dry eyes through Sjögren's syndrome? Our glasses can help

7eye uk dry eyes sjogren's dry eyes sjogren's syndrome treatment light sensitivity Sjögren's syndrome moisture chamber glasses uk ziena glasses uk

If you are one of the many sufferers of Sjögren's syndrome you will know that one of the commonest and debilitating symptoms is severe dry eyes.

woman suffering from dry eyes 

You will find that your eyes feel sore and tired, your eyelids may be swollen, and your vision blurred. Your symptoms are likely to be worst when the air is dry, which may be due to drying factors such as wind, air conditioning, or central heating.

You will also probably find that your eyes are very sensitive to the sun's...

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