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Why I started wearing moisture chamber glasses

Hello, my name is John. I am one of the Directors of Eyewear Accessories Ltd, our family business specialising in Dry Eye glasses.

This is a photo of me wearing my Ziena glasses.

John wearing his Ziena Kai glasses

I write this blog based on my experiences with dry eyes. Many of you reading this article will have talked with me on the phone over the years or communicated with me via email.

I know what it feels like to have dry eyes

As a sufferer from dry eye syndrome myself for many years, I understand what it feels like to live with this debilitating condition every day.

My eyes are very sensitive to the wind, air con, blown air heating, dust, and grass pollen. On hot sunny days, my eyes dry out and become sore and gritty.

My eyes get really dry during the winter too, especially when I'm in a centrally heated area. And I need to use the computer for my work during the day and so my eyes get dry because my blink rate slows down so much when staring at the screen.

John suffering with dry eye syndrome

As I say, dry eye is with you every day (and night). If you're reading this article, you know what I mean.

Why I hate using eye drops

It's very likely that your optician will recommend eye drops and that's about it. I have tried them but find them really inconvenient to use.

Who wants to stop what they are doing at frequent intervals so they can tip their head back and apply eye drops? It's an interruption to your day, socially impractical, and the relief they give is only temporary.

What's more, I found that the artificial tears streamed down my cheeks - I don't know how much really got in my eyes!

I started looking for alternatives to eye drops

About 10 years ago I started to look around for alternatives to using eye drops.

I discovered 7eye and Ziena glasses with moisture retaining eye seals and was pleasantly surprised at the improvement in my dry eye condition when I wore them, even after a short time.

Since then, I have owned a Churada and Viento from the 7eye AirShield range, a Marin from the 7eye AirDam range, and a Nereus and Kai from the Ziena Eyewear range. They've all given dry eye relief, especially the Kai, which I now find invaluable both indoors and outdoors.

I can now manage my dry eye symptoms more effectively

I use my Ziena Kai every day now - outdoors for gardening, walking, and cycling  when it's windy; indoors for computer use and watching TV in the evenings.

By wearing my moisture chamber glasses regularly, I find that I can manage my dry eye condition and keep the symptoms in check.

I apply my knowledge and personal experience to help advise customers

My experience of using Ziena and 7eye glasses regularly over a long period has given me a good understanding of the ways in which moisture chamber glasses can help individuals to manage their dry eye symptoms.

Several years ago 7eye rewarded this knowledge and dedication to promoting the message about dry eye glasses worldwide by making Eyewear Accessories the UK distributor for their AirShield and Ziena brands.

I am personally strongly motivated by a drive to help our customers improve their own quality of life through these glasses.

John advising a customer on which dry eye glasses to buy

In my next blog article, I will run through the various ways in which I can help you choose the right moisture retention eyewear for your individual needs.

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