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We've expanded our 7eye AirShield and Ziena Eyewear ranges to give you more choice

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We have increased our range of lens and frame options for our moisture chamber glasses.

Eyewear Accessories sells 7eye and Ziena brands of eyewear only with high performance 7eye SharpView lenses. They guarantee optimum optical clarity and maximum UV protection. These lenses are also shatterproof and anti-fog coated.

Which lenses have we introduced?

We have introduced two additional types of SharpView lenses for the 7eye Churada and the Ziena Kai:

Polarised lenses

For people sensitive to bright sunlight, Polarised lenses provide a higher level of glare protection, specifically by diffusing reflected glare from bright or shiny objects.

Light-reactive lenses

Useful if you are intending to wear your moisture chamber glasses indoors and outdoors, or in a range of light conditions.

Our high-performing SharpView Eclypse lenses respond faster to changes in the intensity of sunlight than most photochromic lenses do.

Which models of glasses have the new lenses?

7eye Churada

The 7eye Churada is now available with a gloss black frame fitted with clear, polarised grey, or photochromic Eclypse lenses.

7eye Churada with gloss black frames

The Churada has been very popular for several years because it is a good fit for small to medium faces. Its frame design gives particularly good wind protection at the sides of your face.

Because the lenses on this model are small and not too curved, it is particularly suitable for fitting prescription lenses with a minimum of distortion.

Ziena Kai

The Ziena Kai is the newest introduction to the Ziena range, designed to fit small to medium size faces.

Ziena Kai Tortoiseshell

Eagerly anticipated, the Kai reflects modern eyewear styling so that it looks as similar to normal glasses or sunglasses as possible. It also has all the latest bells and whistles that Ziena have introduced, such as adjustable arms and nose rests.

The Kai Tortoiseshell now comes with either clear lenses, Polarised Copper lenses (equivalent to dark brown) or photochromic Eclypse lenses (light-reactive grey).

The Kai is also well suited to fitting with prescription lenses if required because of its flatter frame.

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