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Stuck at home? Here's how to make your screen time more comfortable

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Now that many of us are having to stay at home due to social isolation, it's hardly surprising that we are spending much longer in front of our PCs, laptops, tablets, mobiles and TVs. Partly to keep in touch, partly as something to do, partly for company.

Rise in screen time takes its toll on our eyes

But this rise in daily "screen time" takes its toll on our eye health. Because our eyes get fixated by the screen, our blink rate drops significantly, leading to increased evaporation of tears, and subsequently to dry eye disease. 

person gazing fixedly into a laptop screen

How Ziena moisture chamber glasses can help

Wearing Ziena moisture chamber glasses can help to combat the discomfort of dry eye syndrome.

They are like normal spectacles with the addition of a soft silicone gasket (called an eye cup) that is clipped to the back of the rims. The eye cup helps to reduce the evaporation of tears, conserving your tear moisture and making your eyes more comfortable.

ziena glasses showing moisture chambers

Note about good screen practice

While Ziena glasses can play a significant role in making computer use more comfortable, you should still observe best practice for screen use. For example, take regular screen breaks, ensure that the screen brightness is appropriate for the brightness of the room, and focus your eyes on distant objects at regular intervals.

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